Sealund's Avatar Animation Technology

Sealund's Avatar Animation Technology™ (AAT) is leading edge. The AAT offers clients the greatest quality and technologically-sound solution for the use and integration of avatars into e-Learning solutions and gaming environments. The AAT is comprised of instructional integrity, graphics design, 3D animations and virtual learning environments that enables deployment of e-Learning using existing computer equipment. The AAT offers a license for the technology solution of avatars, animatable avatars, environments and assets/props.

Each avatar is designed with a human appearance, embodying the likeness of various people groups, in order to better engage the target audience. The AAT allows for animations to be transferred from one avatar to another saving production time as well as providing for quick animations of avatars. This AAT significantly decreases manual animating time. In addition, the AAT allows its clients to change the scene or environment an avatar experiences depending on the user/learner’s response.

Sealund's Avatar Animation Technology

Avatars are available with custom rig and texture maps in the following formats:

• Maya 2008 or above (.mb) or • 3D Object format (.obj)

The AAT integrates Section 508 conformant and compliant needs for accessibility of content and provides users/learners with comparable engaging learning experiences.

The AAT allows for the embedding of avatars as Movie clips for Progressive streaming. Sealund’s avatars can also be integrated into DirectX and OpenGL environments by simple conversions. In addition, a library of 3D environments are available with the AAT as well as hundreds of 2D and 3D assets/props. The AAT is an open architecture that enhances the ability to keep current with technology.

Sealund's Avatar Animation Technology

Simulation Planning Sessions Utilizing Avatar Animation Technology in 3D Virtual Environments designed by Sealund for several Clients to Simulate Real-Life Scenarios for Purposes of Playing Out Choices Made by Learners