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Tropical Update: Excursion Creates a Brainstorm

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Sealund hosted a brainstorming session at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The purpose for this brainstorming session was to use the surroundings of a “theme park” and the excitement of roller coasters to evoke thoughts and ideas for enhancing Sealund’s current Serious Games Engines, and to explore the realm of new learning environments.  At daybreak, teams from the tri-county area and Sealund’s Atlanta office met for the excursion of a lifetime.


Associates preparing to ride the “Gwazi” roller coaster

Before the Busch Gardens gates opened, the Sealund teams paired up in teams of two for the first activity of the day.  Each team was given five minutes to discuss Sealund’s vision and mission, what it means to each of them, and how they can play a vital role in meeting the goals.  Throughout the day, executive staff would tap a team member on the shoulder to ask about the vision or mission, then reward with a safari prize for a great response.

Our teams stayed together most of the day–”the banana that leaves the bunch gets peeled.”  The first excursion was the great giraffe adventure.  All teams loaded onto the back of a large pickup truck where we then headed deep into the wilderness of the Serengeti to feed the giraffes.


Kathy Hamilton feeding “Dolly,” a rescued giraffe 

When it came time for the roller coasters, some associates chose to shop, where others chose to drop from very high places.

While they may say “birds of a feather flock together,” we found the birds to be quite friendly to our teams.  Several associates received a scalp massage.  Before we flew the coop, we made sure to remove all birds before exiting.


Barbara Sealund and Melonie Wood “flocking together”

The Rhino Rally was one of my favorites.  First, our teams boarded the big Rhino Rally vehicles for the ride of our lives. Not only did we experience rhinos (a most dangerous animal), but we traveled through the perils of the wild.  The RR vehicle, for which I was elected as “navigator,” found itself off the road and floating in the rapids of a river, for which we felt out of control.  Fortunately, the driver got us out before the hippo attack.


On location in the Rhino Rally Road Race Tour

After a long industrious day on safari for ingenious ideas for learning, we found ourselves in a 4D studio.  The 4D adventure tickled all your senses, and sent our teams out soaking wet.


Associates after a 4D Studio adventure

Before the sun set, we learned that our creative teams had come up with 44 new ideas for learning.  The exciting facets of the collaborative effort provided our endless list of masterful learning techniques to meet the needs of major corporations.

All in all, it was a blessed day.  No one got hurt, ideas ran rampant, and all the teams bonded.

Mission accomplished:

To glorify God through our commitment to integrity and quality.

Vision pursued:

Sealund is the global leader of customer-focused innovative training solutions.

Serious Games = Serious Learning!

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