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The Power of Positive Serious Gaming

Thursday, December 13th, 2007
  • Click - you select your game token.
  • Click - you enter the game environment
  • Click - you immediately experience your first challenge, and you encounter defeatable obstacles that once conquered, you move on to greener pastures, or not.

Serious Games offer one of the most realistic news of the business world as we know it today by providing the opportunity to learn to make critical business decisions in a game setting. Board learning games and online serious games are fast becoming a style for corporate employees from the mail room to the executive offices.

When professionally designed and deployed, corporations reap great rewards through the power of positive serious gaming. Take for example a simple topic like diversity. Most will agree that diversity training professionally designed & deployed will bring added value to a corporation, provided its employees engage in the training and apply what they have learned to their respective departments and cross - departmental functions. While on the surface, this may seem simple, this in fact is a tall order for most organizations. First, it is difficult to find the time to bring all its employees together for the training. Secondly, even if this was possible, measuring individual performance would require significant resources. Another major hurdle would be measuring the application of those newly - learned diversity principles for each employee.

While Serious Games may not be the total solution to those issues, it will provide a solid solution to offering diversity training to the entire employee base, tracking individual performance, and measuring how well each employee applies the newly - learned diversity principles in a game environment that mirrors the corporate one.

Real world scenarios, case studies, questions and decision - making are all important elements for Serious Games. Repercussions and penalties of incorrect actions and poor decision making while in the game environment emulate real world feedback. Situational examples provide opportunities to fail and succeed as you move around the game board toward successful completion, one that will satisfy a variety of learning styles.

Serious Games are powerful tools for learning; when designed and deployed professionally positive results will follow.

- Barbara Sealund

Serious Games = Serious Learning!

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